Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To get into the spirit Laine will sing you her abc's (with a little help) - check it out below...

It still feels weird to be saying Merry Christmas and listening to Frosty the Snowman when it is 90 degrees outside :-)
Laine is getting into the spirit of the season though - her favorite evening ritual is turning on the Christmas lights...and having a sneak peek at the presents(which are ALL for her).
It is a busy season for us here. Currently we have close to 50 Ywamers involved in a 2 week Christmas outreach with a local church. By Christmas day they anticipate close to 12,000 people will have come to the program, which is an interactive experience as you walk through Bethlehem and experience the nativity night.
Our outreach teams head overseas to Cambodia, Nepal, Vanuatu, and the South Pacific December 26th. Those of us staying behind are immediately preparing for our January DTS which is shaping up to be the largest in our history! Plus, we are running Wakeboard camps, Skate outreaches, and much more during the school holidays.

So, have a wonderful season - drink a Hot Chocolate for us!

Rob, Tricia, and Laine